Print & Fax

Digital print: the future has arrived at GB Copiers

The GB Group supply a complete range of standalone printers and fax machines, including an exciting range of machines suitable for the creative industries.

These machines, designed for the graphic arts market, boast state-of-the-art innovation that is the future of digital print. We even stock the first machines to offer five colour printing which, in addition to the full range of process colours, allow the option of a fifth spot colour in white or clear gloss. This technology has previously only been available through lithographic or very expensive digital printing, but is now an affordable option for your business.
Other features of our graphic arts printers include:
  • Stunning high colour definition
  • Affordable running costs
  • Complete media flexibility, including print from A6 to SRA3 paper, print on 360gsm paper, with duplex on 320gsm.

For more information about our printer range, including our cutting edge graphic arts printers, call Sally today on 01782 814444.