Refurbished Equipment

In addition to offering Brand New Products, we also operate an extensive refurbishment programme which offers all the benefits of a digital product at a reduced cost.

Our units are refurbished in house, by our own Workshop Technicians’. Each device that meets the desired level of specification is stripped to the chassis and rebuilt to the highest standard, with all high fatality parts being replaced and the latest version of software and firmware updates available for the device being installed. During re-assembly, every modification designed for the system is applied ensuring that the refurbished product exceeds the manufacturing standard established when the system was originally assembled, ensuring a high standard of reliability and peace of mind for you.

Apart from a great price, are there any other benefits?

Many of our customers opt for a recycled product as they are environmentally aware and these units meet the criteria set in their own environmental policies.

Not only are they great value for money... they are good for the environment too!

We offer a complete range of refurbished products from desktop A4 to high volume colour units offering copying, printing and scanning, available to purchase or on rental terms.

Our refurbished units are available with a full maintenance package offering a five year support guarantee.