Software Solutions

When you’ve spent time and money investing in your hardware, you want to get the most out of it

The GB Group can help you get the best value from your hardware investment with tailored software solutions for your business.

Our solutions help you to improve customer service and decrease your costs by making your processes smoother and more time efficient.

The Benefits of Software Solutions

Print accounting software

Allows you to audit your print use, so you can see where and who is spending what on print. You can apply rules to users to streamline use and reduce costs and paper wastage.

Scanning and electronic document management solutions

From basic scanning to email to complete file management systems. Easy to use and essential to increase the efficiency of any office.

Print output management

Helps you to make the most efficient use of your print capacity.

Production solutions

Improve workflow and productivity for print shop and reprographics.

Information and document security solutions

Provide enhanced security allowing you to protect and manage sensitive information and secure data erasure.

Printer administrator solutions

Help you to manage your networked printers easily and efficiently.

Managed print service

To make the most of your print capabilities. Reduce waste, save money, and enjoy complete transparency of your print volumes and costs.